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ATE KNOB – controls the speed or rate of the LFO signal that modulates the Flanger. As you turn the RATE knob up, or clockwise, the speed of the effect will increase.  When the RATE knob is turned down below the 11 o’clock position (marked by a star near the knob), the  Neo Mistress enters Filter Matrix mode. In  Filter Matrix mode the LFO is disconnected from the Flanger  so that the Flanger is no longer modulated by the Neo Mistress’ internal modulation. Turning the RATE knob  from  full counter-clockwise to the star symbol allows  manual modulation of  the Flanger’s position. You can also fix the Flanger to one setting  and, working in conjunction with the FEEDBACK knob, achieve resonant bell tones, steel drum effects and other unique sounds.  Turn the  RATE knob above the 11 o’clock position (marked by  the star) to exit Filter Matrix Mode and return to LFO modulation

FEEDBACK KNOB – controls the “color” or “resonance” of the Flanger effect.  As the knob is turned up, the “depth” or “width” of the LFO is also increased to make the effect even more pronounced.    Above the  3 o’clock position, the  FEEDBACK knob pushes the Flanger very close to self-oscillation, creating additional harmonics as it sweeps through the effect’s range.

FOOTSWITCH and STATUS LED – Use the footswitch to toggle between bypass and effect modes. The Status LED will be off while in True Bypass mode.  The LED lights up upon engaging Effect mode with the footswitch.  In Effect mode, the LED’s color changes with the position of the Flanger: in the bass range of the Flanger’s sweep, the LED is red; the LED is green in the treble range of the sweep; in between, the LED is orange